Magnus Levin

Magnus Levin

Associate Professor
Department of Languages Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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Most of my teaching is carried out in the Non-fiction Translation Master Programme.


My research concerns two main areas: change and variation in English grammar and phraseology, and corpus-based translation analysis. My thesis from 2001 deals with agreement with collective nouns in different varieties of English. Since then I have studied variation in the tense formation of verbs (e.g. burned vs. burnt) and the use of the progressive (e.g., You're always interrupting me). My research on phraseology has dealt with everything from productive phrase patterns (e.g. again and again/on and on) to what people say when they go to the toilet (I have to/need to use/go to the bathroom/toilet).

My current research in language change and variation is conducted within the research environment Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences & Applications. This includes studies of how English is used in the Nordic countries.

My research in translation analysis concerns the translation of phraseological and morphological phenomena such as light verb constructions (e.g. take a look / in Auftrag geben) and complex modifiers (e.g. do-it-yourself (books)), for example from English into Swedish and German. This corpus-based research investigates strategies used by translators and the characteristics of translated language.


Most of my teaching is carried out in the Non-fiction Translation Master Programme.


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  • Lindquist, H., Estling Vannestål, M., Levin, M. (2009). GramTime News. Växjö universitet. Institutionen för humaniora..

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