Maria Qvistgaard

Maria Qvistgaard

Senior lecturer
Department of Health and Caring Sciences Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
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My name is Maria Qvistgaard and I work as a teacher and Ph D student at Linnaeus University.


I teach and I have responsibility for specific courses in perioperative care within the education program, in order to become an operating-room nurse. My employment involves marking a student's ability within clinical training and supervising at seminars and other teaching events related to perioperative care.


For half of my fulltime employment I do doctoral studies and have been doing that since April 2015. My research area is the same as my competence in teaching, perioperative care. Specifically my research is into safe perioperative care, with focus on prevention of surgical site infections. Surgical site infections are a serious threat to those who are in need of surgery. Antibiotic resistance is increasing and options for treatment are decreasing; we need to see all possible ways of avoiding these infections. Many of them are just avoidable and that fact makes it motivating to go on with research on this topic.