I defended my PhD thesis at Lund University in 2014. The thesis is about what happens when older people consider relocation from ordinary housing to a residential home and how older people, their family members and care managers experience and describe the process. In a follow-up to this research interest, I have studied how hospital nurses handle the process when older people are considering relocation to a residential home after hospitalization.


As a Postdoctoral Fellow at Linnaeus University, I reveal for the time being the perspective of the home help service in the process when older people's potential relocation to a residential home comes to the fore. This study is based on interviews with managers and assistant nurses in public- as well as private home help services. Besides, I have recently studied how family members to an old relative with dementia act, react and reason in their strivings to hold on to the value of dignity. Recently, I have also studied the implementation of multi-professional teams aimed at strengthening the work for a more coherent care of older people.


Article in journal (Refereed)