Mariah Larsson

Mariah Larsson

Department of Film and Literature Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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I received my Ph D from Lund University in 2006, with a dissertation on film director Mai Zetterling and the 1960s in Sweden. Since then, I have mainly combined the research fields film and sexuality. I started working at Linnaeus University in 2016, after previous employments at Malmö University and Stockholm University.


I have taught at all levels of film studies, although lately mostly at the bachelor and advanced levels.


My main area of research is film and sexuality, which includes the history of pornographic film in Sweden, but also issues such as film censorship and obscenity law, gender and popular culture, and national and transnational cinema. In the past few years, I have worked with the Face of AIDS film archive, in a collaboration between Karolinska institutet and film studies at Linnaeus University, but I have also returned to the film director Mai Zetterling. Among my most recent publications are A Visual History of HIV/AIDS: Exploring the Face of AIDS Film Archive (co-edited with Elisabet Björklund, Routledge, 2019), A Cinema of Obsession: The Life and Work of Mai Zetterling (University of Wisconsin Press, 2020) and Såra tukt och sedlighet: Hundra år av pornografi i Sverige (co-authored with Klara Arnberg, Tommy Gustafsson and Elisabet Björklund, Natur och kultur, 2021).

Currently, I am working on a project funded by the Swedish Research Council, called “Good pornography to the people: Sexual welfare, Fräcka fredag, and the Swedish porn discourse in the late 1980s” (3 years, granted in 2020). The project explores how “good” pornography was constructed in the Swedish social discourse in the late 1980s and what this reveals about the sexual ideology in Sweden at this point in time, with the television show Fräcka fredag, broadcast in the spring of 1988, as a point of departure and focus.


Member of the steering committee for Sustainable Health

Co-coordinator of the Centre for Studies in Popular Culture


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