Mark Dopson

Mark Dopson

Department of Biology and Environmental Science Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
44032, Hus Vita, Kalmar
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Mark Dopson’s work spans both basic and applied research and contributes to a better understanding of microbial evolution, ecology and engineering applications. He studies microorganisms living under extreme conditions such as acidic pH, low temperature, in Baltic Sea sediments, or deep below the earth's surface. He especially focuses on cold environments that are relevant for Nordic conditions. In his research, he uses different techniques in systems biology to investigate the how single species all the way up to whole communities of microorganisms are able to live and adapt to their environment. This knowledge can then be used in industry for instance to remove polluting chemicals from process water in the mining industry; to aid in designing strategies to bioremediate Baltic sea anoxic ‘dead zones’; and to understand how microorganisms affect deep geological disposal of nuclear waste.

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