Mats Åström

Mats Åström

Department of Biology and Environmental Science Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
43008, Hus Vita, Kalmar
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Professor of environmental geochemistry, with a focus on the chemical state of the environment and how this is controlled by natural processes and affected by human activities.


Teaches in environmental geochemistry.


The topic of my research is geochemical processes and patterns in the boreal zone. In the surface environment focus is on acid sulfate soils and estuarine/marine sediments, while in the deep environment we are studying secondary minerals and groundwaters in bedrock fractures. Typically multielement determinations are made, but many studies also focus on selected elements such as the rare earth elements, beryllium or iron.

Funding is provided by Formas, The Swedish Research Council, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Geological Survey of Sweden, The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co, and the EU Botnia-Atlantica program.


Is an expert in the KLIVA and STASIS projects, funded by EU´s interreg program Botnia-Atlantica.


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