Mats Trondman

Department of Cultural Sciences
+46 470 76 74 55
Hus F H336
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Mats Trondman (PhD) is a professor in cultural sociology at the Department of Cultural sciences, at the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Linnaeus University, Sweden. He is the co-director of research at the Center for Cultural Sociology. He is also a faculty fellow at Center for Cultural Sociology (CCS) at Yale University. In 2000 he started the journal Ethnography in collaboration with Paul Willis. Trondman’s main interest concerns issues of social and cultural theory and methodology. In the main his theoretical informed empirical research is concerned with multifarious aspects of childhood and youth culture focusing on issues such as education, schooling, sports and the arts. To that he often explores patterns of interaction between adult and child/youth and questions of identity. Trondman's most recent research is focused on school achievement and multicultural incorporation in urban environments. In collaboration with Paul Willis (Princeton, US) and John Hughson (Preston, UK) Trondman is also involved in an ongoing theoretical project on socio-symbolic homologies. During the last decade Trondman’s work has, increasingly so, been informed by American cultural sociologist Jeffrey C. Alexander’s and others formulation of the strong program in cultural sociology. Keywords: Cultural sociology, childhood, youth, cultural theory, ethnography, education, sports, the arts, multiculturalism


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