Morgan Ericsson

Morgan Ericsson

Associate professor, acting head of department
Department of Computer Science and Media Technology Faculty of Technology
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I have been teaching in higher education since 1998 and given/examined more than 25 different courses. I have developed courses on different programming languages (C, Pascal, Assembler), Operating Systems, Databases, Distributed Systems, Object-oriented Analysis and Design, Parallel Programming, etc. I have been involved in (developed/examined) courses on B.Sc. (first cycle), M.Sc. (second cycle), and Ph.D. (third cycle) level.


My current research interest is automated methods to determine if a system is good and right. Good refers to quality, and right refers to functionality and a balance between different qualities, such as performance vs.~safety. My initial work in this area focused on metrics to evaluate the quality of source code and technical documentation, such as cohesion or cyclometric complexity, but I am currently looking into a wide range of data analysis and measurement methods to evaluate different artifacts (such as source code, models, documents) that are produced during a software development project.

My research vision is a knowledge engine similar to Wolfram Alpha, but for software development projects. While there exist a number of analysis and visualization tools for software, these all support a limited number of analyses and data sources (such as documents, source code, etc). A more general tool would allow for custom queries to that might improve understanding of issues or aspects of the development project. It would provide a computational approach to determine good and right.

There are three main tracks to my research: how can we define quality in a way that makes measurement and interpretation meaningful, how can we extract meaningful definitions and assessments of quality from large sets of data, and how can we apply quality assessment to make it easier to construct complex systems. The research results from these tracks will enable to larger vision.


  • Program manager of the master's programmes in software technology (60 and 120 hec)
  • Research coordinator within the Linnaeus University Centre for Data Intensive Sciences and Applications.


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