Dr. Mosad Zineldin is a Professor at Faculty of Health and Life Sciences-Department of Medicine and Optometry- e.Health institution. He have a multidisciplinary background in Health Science, Phycology, Economics, sexology, Medical and Quality studies, etc. His Major research interest was/is about how to reduce medical errors, improve medical and healthcare quality and increase patient safety. e.helaht is also one of his currently major research interest. He is working at Linnaeus University-Sweden since 15 years and Taught at Stockholm University for many years.  

Has held many visiting professor appointments in several countries at many high ranked Universities such as George Town University in USA, Beijing Normal University and Shanghai Universities in China and Universities in France, Italy, Netherlands, etc. He is International Expert in university accreditation and establishing of higher education quality assurance systems. He is head of an international academic group to develop a new master program in among others Applied Health Sciences in some Arab countries in cooperation with universities in Sweden, Italy, Slovakia and Czech Republic as well as a master program in Applications of Nano- Technologies.

Engaged in a considerable number of research and consulting activities and responsible for a number of EU/Tempus projects in medical and health sciences, quality assurance in higher education and curricula development. Has participated in different international conferences as a presenter and a keynote speaker. Organizer and chairman of different international conferences.

Wrote and published several books and numerous articles in many different international journals. He has invented new concepts, models and theories related to medical and health sciences such as 5qs model (5 qualities model) which is empirically tested and verified in medical and health sector and education sectors by many worldwide students, researchers and scholars at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Technologicalship relationships (e.everything) is a pioneer invention since 2000 there he was argues that almost all kind of relationships (e.g. between functions, people, organizations, patients and healthcare sittings, etc) will be based on technology . His published work (2014) on new approaches of reducing medical errors has been awarded with highly rated and excellent scientific research. TRM is also another concept of his inventions (1998) which is a holistic multifunctional perspectives of how to control and manage any kind of interrelations which are often impacted and impacting by different internal (controllable) and external (non-controllable) variables.

Member of Emerald's distinguished international advisory group for improving the publication of scientific works at International Journals, He is Editor in chief of number of International Scientific Journals, and was associate Editor of World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development and Guest editor of the International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance. His work is highly cited according to google scholar with approx. 3500 citations.

His articles have appeared in the following Journals:
1. International Journal of Medical Sciences and Health Care,
2. Clinical Governance: An International Journal
3. International Journal of Health care Quality Assurance
4. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health

5. International Journal of Innovation in Education

6. Quality Assurance in Education
7. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal
8. Journal of Peace, Conflict and Development
9. TQM Journal

Some of the articles have been cited with the highest quality rating and others positioned in the top 10 list by EMERALD´s readers and reviewers. International Scientific Award for Dr. Zineldin from Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence (by Editorial Team for Outstanding Paper selection) or as a Highly Commended Winner at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence.

He is/was editor in chief, associate editor, guest editor and member of editorial board and reviewer at:

1. International journal of Health Care Quality Assurance
2. Clinical Governance: An International Journal
3. Journal of Hospital management
4. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
5. BioMed Central
6. Total Quality Management Magazine
7. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
8. Health and Quality of Life Outcomes Journal
9. Journal of Hospital Administration
10. International Journal of work organization and emotion
11. International journal of Advanced Quality Management.

He was/is leader of approx. 8 EU projects on Applied health Sciences, Health care quality management, medical curricula development etc. in cooperation with at least 40 worldwide partner universities.

Some Selected Publicerade publications

1. Mosad Zineldin, Mosad, Zineldin, Jonas (2014) Total Medical and Healthcare Quality, Satisfaction and Patient Safety (TMHQ). International Journal of Medical Sciences and Health Care, Vol. 2, no 9, 1-10 p. Research subject Health and Caring Sciences

2. Mosad Zineldin , (2015) "Determinants of patient safety, satisfaction and trust : With focus on physicians-nurses performance", Clinical Governance: An International Journal, Vol. 20 Iss: 2, pp.82 - 90

3. Mosad Zineldin · Jonas Zineldin · Valentina Vasicheva ·(2014). Approaches for reducing medical errors and increasing patient safety: TRM, quality and 5 Qs method, 26(1). DOI: 10.1108/TQM Journal-03-2012-0029, Research subject. Health and Caring Sciences Awards for Excellence - 2015 - Outstanding Papers - The TQM Journal - Winner Highly commended 4 Volume 26 number http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/authors/literati/awards.htm?year=2015&journal=tqm#sthash.2po8Nu2n.dpuf

4. Mosad Zineldin · Hatice Camgöz-Akdağ · Valiantsina Vasicheva (2014), Measuring, evaluating and improving hospital quality parameters/ dimensions - An integrated healthcare quality approach. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance 24(8):654-62 · October

5. Zineldin, M. and Camgöz-Akdag (2010).Quality of health care and patient satisfaction: An exploratory investigation of the 5Qs model at Turkey", Clinical Governance: An International Journal, Vol. 15 Iss: 2, pp.92 – 101

6. Mosad Zineldin (2006). The quality of health care and patient satisfaction: an exploratory investigation of the 5Qs model at some Egyptian and Jordanian medical clinics", International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, Vol. 19 No.1

7. Mosad Zineldin (2017). Transformational Leadership Behaviour, Emotions and Outcomes- Health Psychology Perspective in the Workplace, Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health Pages 1-12 | http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15555240.2016.1273782

8. Mosad Zineldina & Anders Hyttera (2012) , Leaders' negative emotions and leadership styles influencing subordinates' well-being, The International Journal of Human Resource Management , Volume 23, Issue 4

9. Mosad Zineldin, Hatice Camgoz Akdag, Mohamed Belal (2012), Total Relationship Management (TRM) and 5 Qs Model as New Management Techniques: A Comparative Study for a Knowledge-Intensive Sector, V.4, N.1

10. Mosad Zineldin, Hatice Camgoz Akdagb & Valentina Vasicheva (2011) Assessing quality in higher education: new criteria for evaluating students' satisfaction, Quality in Higher Education Volume 17, Issue 2

11. Mosad Zineldin, Valentina Vasicheva, Mohamed Belal (2011), Innovation in higher education quality assurance: an empirical study of Sweden and Egypt, International Journal of Innovation in Education , Issue Volume 1, Number 3/2011

12. Zineldin M. & Valaintisna (2008)"Cybernization Management in the Cyber World. A New Management Perspective", Problems and Perspectives in Management Journal, Volume 6, Issue 1

13. Mosad Zlinedin , Co-opitition (2002): The organisation of the future, Qualit, Innovation, Prosperity Journal, Vol. 1

14. Mosad Zlinedin,Towards (1998) An Ecological Collaborative Relationship Management "A Co-opetive Perspective". European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 32, Nr. 11-12.

Selected Books and Book Chapters

1. Chapter in the book Bridging Research and Good Practices towards Patients Welfare. Chapter Chapter 7. Five Qualities (5Qs) and ergonomic approach – "Towards improved patient safety, medical and healthcare quality", CRC Press 2014 Pages 61–67, Print ISBN: 978-1-138-02716-9, Talyor & Francis, UK, 2015
2. Health care quality Management, Joint European Program, proceedings (editor)2009
3. Health care Quality, ISO 9001000& 5Qs Model, 2010.
4. Relationship Management for the future, studentlitteraturer, 2012



Responsible for course:Writing a scientific essay ­ genre and methods, 7.5 ECTS

Main field of study
Medical Science, Psychology, Social Work, Social Psychology, Sociology, Caring Science

Developing a new Master/Doctoral course:

Medical/Healthcare Errors, Quality & Patient Safety (MEQS)
An Integrated Perspective.


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