Narges Khakpour

Narges Khakpour

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Media Technology Faculty of Technology
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I am an associate professor at Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Linnaeus University. Before joining LNU in 2014, I was an associate researcher at KTH Royal Institue of Technology (2012-2014), and a researcher at Braunschweig University of Technology (2011).


I have been the course coordinator of the master thesis course from 2015-2018 and 2020-now. I help the students choose and formulate a scientific topic and prepare a project plan, and guide them through a procedure designed to assure good quality master thesis reports.

I teach the 4DV701-Formal Methods course that discusses model checking techniques, program verification using Hoar Logic and information flow control in Object-oriented programs. The students use Dafny to develop and verify safe programs, UPPAAL to verify models and a static analysis tool to analyse information flow.

Currently, I am the course coordinator of 1DV516-Algorithm and Advanced Data Strutures, and 1DT907-Algorithms. I was the course coordinator of 1DV517-Formal Languages and Logic course from 2017-2021. I was also involved in Scientific Methods in Computer Science (Fall 2016, Fall 2017), 1DV516-lgorithms and Advanced Data Structure (Fall 2015), Compiler Construction I (Fall 2015) and Operating Systems (Fall 2014).


My research interests lie in formal verification and synthesis, security, self-adaptive systems and interactive theorem proving.

I was the project leader of PROSSES, a research project funded by KK  that focused on developing scalable tools and techniques to control information flow in Java applications, and designing self-protecting systems. Self-protection using security games and threat modeling and verification are other directions that we have recently worked on.

I am currently supervising one PhD student in addition to a few master/bachelor students.

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