Narges Khakpour

Narges Khakpour

Senior lecturer
Department of Computer Science and Media Technology Faculty of Technology
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I am a Senior Lecturer (Tenured Assistant Professor) at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Linnaeus University. 


I'm the course coordinator of the master thesis course from 2015 until 2018 and in Spring 2020. I've had the pleasure to work with students and help them choose and formulate a scientific topic, prepare a project plan and guide them through a procedure designed to assure good quality master thesis reports.  

I also teach the Formal Methods course that discusses model checking techniques, program verification using Hoar Logic and information flow control in Object-oriented programs. The students use Dafny to develop and verify safe programs, UPPAAL to verify models and a static analysis tool to analyse information flow.

I am the course coordinator of Language and Logic course. 

I was also involved in Scientific Methods in Computer Science (Fall 2016, Fall 2017), Algorithms and Advanced Data Structure (Fall 2015), Compiler Construction I (Fall 2015) and Operating Systems (Fall 2014).


My research interests lie in formal verification and synthesis, interactive theorem proving and security. In particular, I've focused on synthesis and verification of self-protecting systems and machine code verification.

In the context of PROSSES, we are working on developing scalable tools and techniques to control information flow in Java applications. Self-protection using security games, information flow control, self-adaptive software design techniques, threat modeling and verification is another direction that we have recently focused on.

I am currently supervising one PhD student in addition to a few master/bachelor students.


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