Niklas Ammert

Niklas Ammert

Professor, pro vice-chancellor
Department of Cultural Sciences Faculty of Arts and Humanities
37010, Hus Culmen, Kalmar
Hus H 1232, Växjö
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Niklas Ammert is pro vice-chancellor at Linnaeus University. He is a Professor of History (History Didactics, History Education). Since 2014 International collaborator at HERMES, University of Newcastle, Australia.

Ammert’s research mainly focuses on history teaching, history education and the uses of history – how individuals and groups encounter, interpret and use history at school, in higher education, in politics and in other cultural and societal contexts. From 2018: History and moral encounters: exploring theoretical and empirical intersections of historical and moral consciousness from a History didaktik perspective. The project is funded by the Swedish Research Council. Niklas Ammert is PI.

Latest publications:

Ammert, Niklas, Silvia Edling, Jan Löfström & Heather Sharp, Historical and Moral Consciousness in Education: Learning Ethics for Democratic Citizenship Education, London and New York: Routledge 2022.

Edling, Silvia, Jan Löfström, Heather Sharp & Niklas Ammert, “Mapping moral consciousness in research on historical consciousness and education – a summative content analysis of 512 research articles published between 1980 and 2020”, in Journal of Curriculum Studies Vol 54, Issue 2 2022.

Ammert, Niklas, Silvia Edling, Jan Löfström & Heather Sharp, “Perspectives on History and Moral Encounters” (Editorial), i Ammert, Niklas, Silvia Edling, Jan Löfström & Heather Sharp (guest editors), Special Issue: Perspectives on History and Moral Encounters, Historical Encounters Journal Vol. 9 No. 2 2022.



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