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Per Servais

Professor, Dean
Department of Marketing School of Business and Economics
A2069, Hus Forma, Kalmar
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Plasticity of International Ventures

My research interest is on why some firms chooses a more slow and gradual internationalization process and why other newly started firms become “Born Globals” that is; from their inception proactively seek to derive significant competitive advantage from sourcing and selling to multiple countries.

The research field is the intersection between entrepreneurship and international business, which I study in three areas;

Entrepreneurial Internationalization (International Opportunity Alertness, E/M business networks, founding teams – virtual teams, Portfolio Entrepreneurs, Business model ambidexterity/synchronization/lean internationalization, change management). 

International Entrepreneurship (Transnational Entrepreneurship, Diaspora Entrepreneurs, Returnee entrepreneurs, Emerging market entrepreneurship and sustainable internationalization, Imprint theory, talent management).

International New Ventures (event driven – outcome driven, domestic driven – customer driven, import/supplier orientation, Born Global Superstars – hidden champions, signal theory, Cultural capital, local networks).


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