Pia Bygdéus

Pia Bygdéus

Senior lecturer
Department of Music and Art Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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Pia is working at the Linnaeus University, graduate studies in music education at Lund University, teaches at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities/Department of Music and Art at the Linnaeus University, www.lnu.se Pia Bygdéus is a pianist, pedagogue, répétiteur and conductor, both in her teaching capacity at the Linnaeus University and as a freelancer. As of 2002, she teaches the piano, piano improvisation and accompaniment within various music genres, choir singing, ensemble conducting/ensemble direction and ensemble playing within the one-year conservatory preparatory programme and concert activities. She is head of the Linnaeus University public music events and responsible for leading and co-coordinating musical activities in conjunction with the Annual Day Event and other organized musical activities at the university. Pia Bygdéus’ commitment to creating platforms for music students with different cultural backgrounds has resulted in a three-year joint international ERASMUS project for the universities of Liepaja, Hildesheim and Växjö, for which Ms Bygdéus has coordinated the student and teacher exchange programmes. As of summer 2006, she is conducting a summer reach out through choir singing course, "Kör som berör", together with Swedish musician Anders Nyberg. Pia Bygdéus is a freelancing music producer at Swedish Radio P2 Live where she is responsible, among other things, for the artistic quality of live recordings at various types of venues. She has extensive experience as a big band pianist on tour with major artists including Nils Landgren, Putte Wickman, Claes Jansson, Tommy Körberg, Margaretha Bengtson, Ann-Kristin Hedmark, Victoria Tolstoy, Roger Pontare, Johan Stengård, Anne-Li Rydé, Svante Thuresson, Nils Lindberg, Örjan Fahlström and Triple & Touch. Pia Bygdéus is a musician, chamber musician and pedagogue within a number of different genres. Between1985 and 1989, Pia Bygdéus worked as a church musician as well as an ages 7–12 music teacher and musical adviser at the Municipality of Jönköping. In 1989, she participated in the establishment of a new specialised upper-secondary music school at Oskarshamn and she worked as a co-ordinator and teacher until 2002, when she started to teach and supervise students at the Växjö University – now the Linnaeus University www.lnu.se – Department of Music and Art. Pia Bygdéus has previously worked with the Oskarshamn Big Band and Oskarshamns Kammarkör, she has been guest lecturer at the Oskarshamn Folk High-School and she has participated in a number of concert projects including working with the Kalmar County Administrative Board music foundation. Pia Bygdéus holds degrees from the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg: Teacher’s and Piano Pedagogue degree (1985), Choir conductor (2000) and further graduate music education training. In spring 2006, she took her MA degree in music pedagogy and is, as of autumn 2008, employed at the Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University. Since 2012 PhLic and since 2015 PhD. For publications, please visit: https://lup.lub.lu.se/search/publication?q=%22pia%22%20and%20%22bygdéus%22


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