Ran Friedman

Ran Friedman

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
45004, Hus Vita, Kalmar
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I am a senior lecturer (associate professor) of chemistry, and a research group leader. I teach medicinal and physical chemistry in various courses. In my role as a researcher I am a theoretical chemist, which means that I study chemistry with the help of computer simulations and modelling. Teaching I am teaching chemistry mainly to students of nutritional sciences and pharmacy. I teach physical chemistry for the first group and medicinal chemistry for the second. I am also involved at teaching M.Sc and Ph.D students at time. Research In my research I apply computational chemistry to study molecular interactions. I am especially interested in biomolecules, and how they interact with ions. Another area of particular focus in my studies is that of drug resistance in cancer. More information about my research is available in the group's webpage (above)


My research focuses on computational chemistry with specialisation on biomolecules. I want to deepen the understanding of the molecular aspects of illness-related amyloid aggregation through simulation, construction of inhibitors as potential anti-malarial compounds, and fundamental studies of interaction ion-protein. in order to achieve these goals, I use molecular dynamics simulation, computer-assisted pharmaceutical design, quantum chemistry, coarse-grained models, continuum electrostatics, and other molecular modelling systems. I have specialist knowledge in so-called essential dynamics sampling (for the acceleration of molecular dynamics studies) and energy decomposition analysis in quantum chemistry. My current focus lies on amyloid aggregation and interaction macromolecules-ions.


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