I am a bioarchaeologist specialized on mortuary archaeology and archaeothanatology, trained in ancient DNA, radiocarbon and stable isotopes. I am experienced in archaeological research using museum collections and I have worked with human remains in museums since 2011 in Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. My PhD, Death in the Mesolithic, focused on the role of mortuary ritual practice in Mesolithic hunter-gatherers. I continued my research on hunter-gatherers at the Ancient DNA Laboratory at the Human Evolution Programme in Uppsala (2016-2022), where I also directed the Biomolecular Archaeology Course.

Currently, I hold a researcher position with the NEOSEA ERC StG at the University of Gothenburg, investigating the origins of Megalithism in Europe. I am a researcher with the Ethical Entanglements project at Linnaeus University, since November 2022, where I am investigating the multiple ethics of biomolecular research on human remains from a researchers' point of view.


Researcher at Ethical Entanglements. The caring for human remains in museums and research. The research is funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Stiftelsen för humanisktisk och samhällsvetenskaplig forskning. 

Researcher at NEOSEA. Neolithic Seafaring and Maritime Technologies Shaped a New World of Megalithic Societies (4500-2500 cal BC). The research is funded by the European Research Council ERC StG.



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