Sergej Ivanov

Sergej Ivanov

Senior lecturer
Department of Swedish Faculty of Arts and Humanities
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Sergej Ivanov is involved in courses in language acquisition and literacy within the primary teacher education, supervises and assesses student theses within the secondary and upper secondary teacher education. In spring term he visits teacher candidates during their work placement and assesses their performance. Sergej also teaches courses in technical communication that are given in Swedish and English at the Faculty of technology.


Sergej's research interests are primarily focussed on writing and critical perspectives in teaching and learning languages and other subjects from primary school through tertiary education. He has done research in reading in foreign languages at tertiary level as well as in comparative education across different national educational contexts with a special focus on criticality practices in the History classroom.

In 2022–2023, Sergej is leading a project on criticality in six-year-olds in the school context and together with Andreas Ebbelind he is co-leading a project on semantic waves in language use in preschool class. Both projects are funded by Litteracitet och undervisning.

Since 2020, Sergej with his colleagues Christian Waldmann and Annelie Johansson has been working on research projects on keylogging in authentic academic writing. One of the projects is funded by the Linnaeus Knowledge Environment Education in Change to investigare digital source-based writing in university students.  


Sergej is a member of the Board for the research center Educational Linguistics in his capacity as research secretary. He is responsible for internal and external communication and coordinates EdLing seminars and other events.

For the years 2023–2025 Sergej is elected to the Council for Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Pre-School Education as teacher representative for Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Sergej is appointed as external auditor of The Swedish Association for Applied Linguistics (Association Suédoise de Linguistique Appliquée, ASLA) for 2022–2024. ASLA is the Swedish branch of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée, AILA). 

In Spring 2021, Anette Emilson and Sergej were commissioned to work on a development project for Preschool Education Programme by the Board of Teacher Education. The aim of the project was to advise on any revisions that could further deepen students’ understanding of research, develop their writing skills as well as prepare them for doing a thesis work. Their report is used in the ongoing revision of the Preschool Education Programme.

In Spring 2019, Sergej led together with Birgitta Waters a school development project on disciplinary literacy and scaffolding in multilingual classrooms. The project was sponsored by the Swedish National Agency for Education.


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  • Ivanov, S. (2013). Russia : 2 Theoretical underpinnings and ideals. Observing language teaching practices in Saint Petersburg and Malmö : A two-year intercultural project involving students and faculty members from the State University of Saint Petersburg and Malmö University. Malmö, Malmö University. 19-20.

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