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Spencer Bastani

associate professor
Department of Economics and Statistics School of Business and Economics
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Spencer Bastani's research is oriented towards enhancing our understanding of the role of government in the economy and how tax and social insurance policies should be designed to promote a socially efficient resource allocation and a desirable income distribution. His research is both theoretically and empirically oriented. In his empirical research Bastani has mainly analysed how individuals respond to changes in taxes and transfers. He has published papers spanning a wide variety of topics in public finance, such as how optimal labor income taxes should be designed, how a more efficient and equitable tax system can be constructed by allowing the tax authority to condition taxes on observable characteristics such as age or gender, how tax policy should be designed in the presence of asymmetric information between workers and firms as well as how different commodities (goods) and capital income should be taxed.

Bastani's current research projects investigate topics such as the potential efficiency enhancing role of mandatory parental leave rules in the presence of anti-discrimination legislation, the optimal design of subsidies to child care and how the labor force participation behavior of women responds to changed financial incentives to work.

Bastani is also interested in the optimal design of pensions, international migration and how the effects of public policy depend on the structure of the labor market.

Bastani obtained his PhD in economics from Uppsala University in 2012 and has a M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from Linköping University.

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