Suppan Kathiravan

Suppan Kathiravan

Department of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
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I am a researcher in organic chemistry, I am passionate about advancing the field through the lens of catalysis and sustainability. With a focus on uncovering innovative methods for efficient organic synthesis, my work aims to address pressing challenges in chemical processes while minimizing environmental impact.

With years of experience in the laboratory, I am committed to pushing the boundaries of catalytic science to develop practical solutions for complex chemical transformations. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and a deep understanding of catalytic mechanisms, I strive to contribute to the development of sustainable practices within the chemical industry.

My research interests encompass a broad spectrum of catalytic processes, including homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, organometallic chemistry, and green chemistry principles. By exploring the intricate interactions between catalysts and substrates, I seek to unlock new pathways towards greener and more efficient synthesis routes.

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"I teach organic chemistry and general chemistry courses within the chemistry program and the undergraduate program. Additionally, I supervise students in project courses and degree projects at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels."

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"My research focuses on discovering new methods for synthesizing essential chemicals and medicines, which are vital components in materials and pharmaceuticals. I specialize in catalysis, a technique that accelerates chemical reactions. Through the use of catalysts, we can expedite these reactions while minimizing material consumption.

One aspect that particularly interests me is enhancing drug production. I employ a method known as late functionalization, wherein we refine drugs during the final stages of synthesis to enhance their efficacy. This approach can facilitate the production of highly effective medicines that are more accessible to people.

In essence, I am dedicated to enhancing the efficiency, cleanliness, and effectiveness of producing essential chemicals and medicines."

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