Susann Engström

Susann Engström

Student and career counsellor
Faculty Office of Social Sciences Faculty of Social Sciences
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Works with the following tasks 

  • Study and career guidance – choices and decisions
  • Guidance and information about the study situation and study related issues such as admission, eligibility, choice of programmes/specialisation/courses, qualification, career, credit transfer, study technique and local regulations
  • Individual study planning

Responsible for the following programmes:

At first cycle level / Basic level (Bachelor's level) 

  • European studies programme (Political Science)
  • Human resource management programme (Elective main area, see education plan)
  • Social pedagogy with a specialization in youth at risk and adults with substance abuse (Pedagogy)
  • Program of Political Science (Political Science)
  • Sustainable Democracy and Governance (Political Science)

At second cycle level / Advanced level (Master's level)

  • Pedagogical science master´s programme, 60 credits
  • Pedagogical science master´s programme, 120 credits
  • Education profession programme in teaching, learning and education  leadership. Master´s programme, 60 credits 

Freestanding (independent) courses at first- and second cycle level / at basic and andvanced level given by the following institutions:

  • The Department of Pedagogy and Learning (PEL)
  • The Department of Education and Teachers' Practice (DLP)

in the subjects:

  • Pedagogy
  • Didactics
  • Social pedagogy
  • Special pedagogy

Note that questions about the Special education programme and Special teacher programme are referred to student and career counsellor Anita Gustafsson at the Teacher Training Office. Anita Gustafsson, SYV