Susanna Nordmark

Susanna Nordmark

Senior lecturer
Department of Computer Science and Media Technology Faculty of Technology
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I work as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science and Media technology.

I hold a PhD degree i Computer and Information Science, an MA in English Linguistics, and a Teacher's Certificate for K10-12. 


I am program coordinator for a master program in Educational Technology at the Faculty of Technology, and teach in several courses concerning EdTech, digital transformation, digitalization in schools, etc., aimed at active teachers and teacher trainees. I also teach in the Media Technology Bachelor program courses. 


My research revolves around the interplay between design, information & communication technologies and learning. The use of digital tools such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops have been shown to support and enhance teaching and learning in a variety of contexts. The 21st Century Skills, which include knowledge areas and skills such as creativity, problem solving and innovation, are considered by many researchers to be core skills to acquire and develop in today's technology-driven society. These knowledge areas are therefore necessary to promote and strengthen from the earliest of school years. Hence, a number of complex and challenging issues need to be addressed, in relation to the design and implementation of innovative and varied learning and learning strategies supported by mobile technologies.

The results presented in my dissertation illustrate a progressive series of design-based, iterative research interventions aimed at exploring the interplay between design, information & communication technologies, and learning, by introducing a complete system for learning technology approaches, i.e. not only the technical parts, but also a five-step co-designed and developed method or a workflow, in order to facilitate and support the integration of  mobile technologies in teachers’ everyday teaching practices. The entire system comprises a workflow, a mobile application, and a complementary web service for mobile digital storytelling in various learning contexts. The system is denominated mDS - mobile digital storytelling.

The research efforts forming the foundations for my work are based on theories and methods of constructivism, constructionism, technology enhanced learning, mobile seamless learning, new media literacies, multimodality, design-based research, and co-design. It it is however important to point out that my research - through the study of the mentioned interplay between technology, ICT and learning - intends to provide opportunities for learning in different educational contexts and situations; not to evaluate learning as such.

The mDS system offers an introduction to technology enhanced learning approaches, aiming to support digital inclusion for teachers as well as students. It can be used both collaboratively and individually, and regardless of previous knowledge or geographical location. The mDS workflow includes five interrelated work phases that incorporate a variety of pupil activities, such as for example creation, reflection, problem solving, discussion, and presentation. The outcomes and validation of the role of the mDS system in different learning contexts, indicate that it can be utilized regardless of school subject, age, geographical location, previous knowledge of mobile digital storytelling, or experience from earlier technology-enhanced learning efforts. The system is intended to serve as a first-step-option, and is thereby easy to learn and manage for both teachers and students. The mDS system provides an innovative and multidimensional opportunity complying with the 21st Century Skills required to support contemporary education, learning and knowledge creation.


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