Thomas Giebe

Thomas Giebe

Associate Professor
Department of Economics and Statistics School of Business and Economics
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Thomas has a PhD in Economics from Humboldt University Berlin, Germany, and Habilitation in Economics from TU Berlin, Germany. Thomas is a theoretical microeconomist with research interests in auctions, contests, game theory, industrial organization, behavioral and experimental economics. He is a guest researcher at TU Berlin, Germany, as part of the Collaborative Research Center CRC TRR 190 "Rationality and Competition". Together with other researchers, Thomas conducts economic lab experiments at the WZB/TU lab in Berlin, Germany.


  • Advanced Mathematical Economics
  • Advanced Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Uncertainty and Strategic Decision Making
  • Mathematical Economics for Business and Economics
  • Environmental and Resource Economics


Working Papers

  • Player strength and effort in contests,
    with Oliver Gürtler, pdf (March 2024)

  • Overconfidence and gender equality in the labor market,
    with Spencer Bastani and Oliver Gürtler, pdf (March 2023)

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • Household Specialization and Competition for Promotion,
    with Spencer Bastani, Lisa Dickmanns, and Oliver Gürtler,
    Review of Economics of the Household (2024),
    pdf (Open Access)

  • Cross-game Learning and Cognitive Ability in Auctions,
    with Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel, Martin G. Kocher, and Simeon Schudy,
    Experimental Economics (2023), pdf (Open Access)

  • Simple equilibria in general contests,
    with Spencer Bastani and Oliver Gürtler,
    Games and Economic Behavior (2022),
    pdf (Open Access)

  • Competition and fatigue,
    with Vera Angelova and Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel,
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2022),
    pdf (Open Access), Supplementary Material

  • Competitors in merger control: Shall they be merely heard or also listened to?,
    with Miyu Lee,
    European Journal of Law and Economics (2020), pdf (Open Access)
  • Ethnicity and tax filing behavior,
    with Spencer Bastani and Chizheng Miao,
    Journal of Urban Economics (2020), pdf (Open Access)

  • Does a short-term increase in incentives boost performance?,
    with Vera Angelova and Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel,
    Economics Letters (2018), pdf (Open Access)

  • Probabilistic procurement auctions,
    with Paul Schweinzer,
    Review of Economic Design (2015), Link to journal
  • Consuming your way to efficiency: Public goods provision through non-distortionary tax lotteries,
    with Paul Schweinzer,
    European Journal of Political Economy (2014), Link to journal

  • Innovation contests with entry auction,
    Journal of Mathematical Economics (2014), Link to journal

  • A dynamic auction for multi-object procurement under a hard budget constraint,
    with Ludwig Ensthaler,
    Research Policy (2014), Link to journal

  • Bayesian optimal knapsack procurement,
    with Ludwig Ensthaler,
    European Journal of Operational Research (2014), Link to journal

  • Speculative partnership dissolution with auctions,
    with Ludwig Ensthaler and Jianpei Li,
    Review of Economic Design (2014), Link to journal

  • All-pay-all aspects of political decision making,
    with Paul Schweinzer,
    Public Choice (2014), Link to journal

  • Optimal contracts for lenient supervisors,
    with Oliver Gürtler,
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2012), Link to journal

  • License auctions with royalty contracts for (winners and) losers,
    with Elmar Wolfstetter,
    Games and Economic Behavior (2008), Link to journal

  • How to allocate R&D (and other) subsidies: An experimentally tested policy recommendation,
    with Tim Grebe and Elmar Wolfstetter,
    Research Policy (2006), Link to journal
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