Tomi Kallio

Tomi Kallio

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I have been working as a Professor of Organization and Leadership from October 2017. Before coming to Linnaeus University, I have worked as a Professor of Management and Organization for 10 years and several shorter periods as associate professor, lecturer and researcher at the Turku School of Economics and at the University of Tampere. I hold two doctoral degrees (Business Administration, year 2004 and Public Administration, year 2015) and two docentships (Futures Research, year 2009 and Administrative Science, year 2016). I have thus a highly interdisciplinary background and like to work with people from different fields of business and social sciences.


I have lectured more than 70 courses in all levels from bachelor to doctoral education. I have supervised 9 completed doctoral theses and more than 150 master's theses. I also have 10 years' experience in management training, including eMBA training.


My research general interests include organization theory, knowledge-intensive organizations, knowledge work, organizational creativity, performance management, public organizations and research methodology. At the moment I am focusing on the following topics in my research:

  • The effects of performance management and measurement on knowledge-intensive organizations and knowledge work
  • Institutional logics and institutional work in the context of higher education and healthcare
  • Hybridization of public organizations, especially the effects of private sector practices and logics in university and hospital organizations
  • Professionalism in the 21st century and especially ethical dilemmas in the in academic and healthcare professionals' work.
  • How scholars who have left academia are networked in the society and economic life (see the EANKS project:

I have accounts in Research Gate, LinkedIn and Google Scholar.

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