Viktorija Kalonaityte

Department of Organisation and Entrepreneurship School of Business and Economics
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I am Senior Lecturer in Organization Studies and a member of the Work Aesthetics Research Group, which is affiliated with the Entrepreneurship Knowledge Platform at the School of Business and Economics.


Among the topics and courses that I teach are

  • Organization studies 
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Globalization, diversity and gender
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Topics related to Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability and the climate change


My research interests are:

  • Office design and architecture, with particular focus on open-plan, playful and creative offices
  • Girlhood and girls in organizations and entrepreneurship
  • Post-colonial theory and issues related to workplace diversity
  • The climate change and the Anthropocene  

I am currently working on

  • A paper on a re-framing of Anthropocene through scholarship of Jaques Rancière
  • A paper on how office spaces are curated by the architects and designers (presented at EGOS 2017 in Copenhagen)
  • A paper on the absence of girly aesthetical themes in playful office design (upcoming presentation in November 2017 at the Entrepreneurship Knowledge Platform)
  • A paper on the relationship between office space, creativity and surveillance

I have recently published

Alexandersson, Anna, and Kalonaityte, Viktorija. (2017). 'Playing to Dissent: The Politics and Aesthetics of Playful Office design'. Online first: Organization Studies.