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Become one of our alumni after your studies

When you have studied at Linnaeus University, you are one of our alumni and welcome to sign up to join The Alumni Network. Also those who have studied at Kalmar University College or Växjö University are welcome to join. Our alumni activities help you stay in touch with old fellow course mates and provide you with information on how you can continue to develop together with Linnaeus University.

You are important to us also after you have completed your studies. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to stay in touch with us once you have become an alumnus/alumna through The Alumni Network; a network that is a social as well as a professional asset.

Your experiences from your study time and working life are invaluable to both current students and to members of staff at the university. Some alumni return as guest lecturers or mentors to our current students. Others welcome students on study visits or to do project work. Your feedback is also valuable in the further development of your programme and courses.

The Alumni Network is for you who:

  • want to have a wide circle of contacts in professional life from the start
  • want to stay in touch with your fellow course mates
  • want to know how Linnaeus University keeps developing
  • want to take part of information on available jobs and other unique offers

Why is it called alumnus/alumna?
The word comes from the Latin “alumnus” (masculine) or “alumna” (feminine) which means apprentice or protégé. The origin of the word is the Latin “alere” which means to raise, foster or nurture. There is evidence that the word has been used in the Swedish language since 1835. Nowadays, alumnus/alumna is a widely used concept for former students.

What is an alumnus?

"I work in Brussels for the young people of Europe."

Safi is an alumnus from Linnaeus University. Today, she works with people to build bridges and create understanding between cultures.

Our alumni Alex's advice: hold the vision and trust the process

Alex Matrsson

Alex Matrsson pursued his interest in International Business by joining the School of Business and Economics at Linnaeus University. Today he is the founder of The Matrsson Organization in Kalmar, Sweden.

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