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Approved leave from studies

If you would like to temporarily interrupt your studies, you can apply for approved leave from studies. A granted approved leave from studies gives you a guaranteed place for the semester when you intend to return. Normally, you must have studied at least one semester on a degree programme or single-subject course before you are entitled to apply.

Can I take a break from my studies?

Yes, you can take a break from your studies by applying for approved leave from studies. Approved leave from studies is granted for a maximum of two semesters at a time, after this you must apply again if you want extend your approved leave from studies. It is possible to take a break also without first having been granted approved leave from studies, but this would mean that you lose your place and is welcome back only if Linnaeus University makes the assessment that there is an available place. The Admissions Office decides on approved leave from studies based on a statement from the faculty in question.

The following must be included in the application:

  • Personal details
  • What course or programme the application concerns
  • Which semester you were admitted
  • In which city you study, alternatively distance studies
  • Start and end date for the approved leave from studies
  • What your reasons are
  • Documents supporting your reasons; for instance, attested copies of documents that can be of relevance, like a doctor’s certificate

Where do I apply for approved leave from studie

You apply for approved leave from studies online via this link: Online application for approved leave from studies

What happens then?

When you are to return to your studies after approved leave from studies, you should contact your department well in advance.

If it is not possible for you to use the online application, please contact us on for more information on how you can submit your application.