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Deferment of studies

If you have been admitted to a degree programme/course but cannot start your studies, you may be granted deferment of studies. This means that you can postpone your admission for one or two semesters, depending on when the programme/course starts next time. You apply via the link further down this page.

Can I postpone my study start?

Yes, you can postpone your study start, this is called deferment of studies. Keep in mind that a condition for being granted deferment of studies is that something must have happened after you applied to the programme/course that has been beyond your control. This can be, for instance, that your employer does not grant you leave of absence, that you have been drafted for military training, or become ill.

The following should be included in an application:

  • Personal details
  • What programme or course the application concerns
  • What your reasons are
  • Documentation supporting your reasons, for instance, attested copies of the documents that may be of relevance (doctor’s certificate, drafting order, and so on).

Where can I apply for deferment of studies?

Apply for deferment of studies here: Online application for deferment

What happens then?

When you are to start your studies after having been granted a deferment of studies, you must apply for your programme/course via Please remember to apply on time! Find your application deadlines at Key dates and deadlines. If, for some reason, the programme/course is not offered or is cancelled for the semester in question, the deferment is considered exhausted.

If it is not possible for you to use the online application, please contact for more information on how you can submit your application.