Once you have completed your studies you can apply for your degree certificate. Please note that you will not receive a degree certificate automatically after your studies. You have to apply for the degree certificate yourself and then your application will be assessed according to national and local degree regulations.

Degree certificate

Your degree certificate specifies the courses that are included in your degree, as well as information about number of credits, grades and dates for completion of each course. The degree certificate is issued in Swedish and English.

Since December 2017, all degree certificates issued by Linnaeus University are digital. The digital degree certificate is the original and is therefore not printed on paper. The certificate is a PDF, protected and verifiable with an electronic stamp. When your degree application has been processed, you will receive a notification to the e-mail you have stated in your degree application. If your application has been granted you can download the degree certificate as many times as you like from  Ladok for students; to go to Ladok for students click on this link.. You can easily e-mail your certificate to potential employers, or upload in portals when applying for work. If you or someone else has questions about the digital degree certificates, please contact degree@lnu.se

It is also possible for you to share the information in your degree certificate with, for example, a potential employer by using the feature “Share certificate”, which is available through Ladok for students; to go to Ladok for students click on this link. You can find the feature by clicking “Degrees and certificates” in the menu on the right. When you share your certificate, you will be given a control code and a link to a web site where your degree certificate can be verified. The control code is valid for six months, which makes it possible for you to add it in your resume and share it with several people at the same time.

Diploma Supplement

A diploma supplement is attached to all degree certificates issued by Swedish universities and university colleges. The supplement is written in English and contains information about your degree and the Swedish education system. The diploma supplement is part of your degree and must be used together with the degree certificate.

Both the degree certificate and the diploma supplement are free of charge.

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