Once you have completed your studies you can apply for your degree certificate. Please note that you will not receive a degree certificate automatically after your studies. You have to apply for the degree certificate by yourself and then your application will be assessed according to national and local degree regulations.

Your degree certificate declares the courses that are included in your degree, as well as information on comprehension in credits, grades and dates for completion of each course. The degree certificate is bilingual, Swedish and English.

Since December 2017, all degree certificates issued by Linnaeus University are digital. The digital degree certificate is the original and is therefore not printed on paper. The certificate is a PDF, protected and verifiable with an e-signature. When a degree certificate has been issued for you, it will be sent to the e-mail address you have stated in your degree application. You will also receive information on how to handle the digital degree certificate. You can easily e-mail your certificate to potential employers, or upload in portals when applying for work. If you or someone else has questions about the digital degree certificates, please contact degree@lnu.se.

Before applying for a degree

Before you apply for a degree you need to make sure that all the courses you want to have included in your degree are completely finished. You must have passed the courses, and all the grades need to be reported into the student registry LADOK. Please note that courses or modules which do not have a final grade cannot be included in the degree.

If you have been abroad on a student exchange with Linnaeus University (or Kalmar University College or Växjö University) as your home institution, the credits from your studies abroad need to be transferred into LADOK. Please make sure that such credits have been entered into the system before you apply for a degree. Note that you have to apply for credit transfer by yourself, for more information contact Programme Coordinator.

You apply for a degree at the University or University college at which you have finished your studies.

FAQ - degree from Linnaeus University