Student in front of computer

Distance studies – how does it work?

When you study at a distance, there are certain things that you should be familiar with. On this page, we have listed some advice and tips.


As a distance student, you will most often find your course or programme start in Moodle. You reach Moodle via

Update your user profile in Moodle

To be visible as a student or fellow course mate is important. Therefore, we recommend that you upload a photo of yourself to your user profile in Moodle. Follow the steps below to add a photo of yourself:

  1. When you are logged in, move the mouse cursor to your name, an expandable menu is then presented.
  2. Move the mouse cursor to Settings, a new menu is expanded.
  3. Click on Edit profile.
  4. Choose User picture.
  5. Browse for a photo of yourself and then either upload it or drag-and-drop the file in the box.
  6. Write your name in the field marked “Picture description”.
  7. Click on Update profile – Done!

Technical support in Moodle

In case you need technical support in Moodle, you are welcome to contact our IT support.


By using Zoom you can take part in distance meetings. Before you are to participate in a distance meeting, you should make sure that your computer has the correct settings. You should also prepare yourself in accordance with the guidelines below.

The University Library's distance service

Students who are studying on a distance course or distance programme can use the library’s distance service to search for information and borrow books. Through the distance service, you can, for instance, apply for a library card and have articles and books sent to your home address.


As a student, you have access to our media system, LnuPlay via the learning platform MyMoodle. On LnuPlay, you can record video and audio and store files.

Smarter collaboration – digital tools

Smarter collaboration is a collection of digital tools that can be useful to you during your distance studies. The tools can be used, for instance, for writing together with your course mates, compiling links, networking, or to meet. The tools are not supported by the university but you can use them as you see fit to collaborate with your fellow course mates.