Student at campus

Getting involved as a student

When you study at Linnaeus University, there are many ways in which you can become engaged on the side of your studies. Engaging yourself can provide valuable experiences and contacts, and also strengthen your CV.

Become a student ambassador

Do you enjoy being a student with us and want to tell others about this? Take the opportunity to join our team of student ambassadors! A flexible and meriting extra job on the side of your studies.

As a student ambassador, you represent Linnaeus University in different contexts; at events, in social media, at digital fairs and webinars, and through various assignments on the web. Your job as an ambassador pays an hourly wage.

New student ambassadors are appointed at the start of every autumn semester.

Apply to become a student ambassador!

Become engaged in Linnaeus Union

​Linnaeus Union is Linnaeus University’s official student union and our students’ voice both on the University Board and in society in general. Would you like to take an approved leave from studies to become engaged in the union board?

Find more information about Linnaeus Union.

Become a student representative​

As a student at Linnaeus University, you have the opportunity to affect your course or programme and your study situation. The right to be represented in bodies that directly or indirectly affect students’ situation is laid down by law in the Higher Education Act. Student influence is important in order to maintain the quality within the university’s operations.

As a student, you have the opportunity to become a representative on any decision-making or preparatory body within the university that is of significance for courses and programmes or our students’ study situation. As a member, your voice is as important as everyone else’s and as a student representative you have the right to a vote in decision-making bodies. Being a student representative is good merit for your future and an opportunity to establish a network.

Student representatives are appointed by the student union, Linnaeus Union.

Contact Linnaeus Union:

On Linnaeus Union’s website, you can learn more about how to become engaged as a student.

Become a buddy for an international student​

Would you like to be of assistance to one or more of Linnaeus University’s international students? In that case, you should sign up as a buddy. Becoming a buddy means that you get the opportunity to get to know an international student at Linnaeus University. You will get an insight into different cultures and the opportunity to expand your network. Maybe you are considering going abroad for exchange studies or doing an internship abroad? Perhaps you have already lived abroad and would like to practice your language skills?

Being a buddy is not very time-consuming, which people often think, but primarily an experience that enriches your time at Linnaeus University. Linnaeus University promotes internationalisation and becoming a buddy is a fun way to add an international touch to your study time!

It becomes easier for international students who get a buddy to feel welcome in the new city in which they will study.

Apply for the Buddy programme.

Student projects​


P6 works based on peer education – which means that we want to spread information in a relaxed way – students teach students. The purpose is to increase knowledge about and reduce the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases. As a P6er, you will, for instance, hand out condoms and information about spread of infection at Welcome fairs, World Aids Day, and other theme days or events.

P6 is also present at different student parties and pub nights and student sittings. The motto is “Enjoy sex – play it safe”. If you want to join P6, you will take a basic course on which you will learn more about safer sex, condoms, transmission of disease, etc. More information can be found on P6’s Facebook page. If you are interested in joining, send an email to

Would you like to become a mentor?

​The Office of Student Affairs is looking for students who would like to work extra as mentors. The mentors are meant to work as support for students with a disability. The work is about helping another student plan and structure his/her study situation.

Mentorship involves a work effort of 2–3 hours/week and you receive a salary.

Does this sound interesting?

Learn more about the mentorship. Would you like to register your interest? Contact the coordinators for students with a disability on email:

The insight you gain from being a mentor can be valuable in your future professional life!

​Become engaged in an association or start your own

There are many student association in which you can become engaged, and if you do not find a suiting association you can start your own.

Associations in Kalmar and Växjö


Learn more about becoming engaged in an association.