Request to take the examination at Linnaeus University

If you come from another higher education institution and wish to take your examination at Linnaeus University (Lnu), you must email a request for a seat at an examination. You must also approve Linnaeus University's examination regulations on:

You state the time and date on which the examination sitting takes place at your higher education institution. If your higher education institution is not in Sweden, you state the time and date on which you and your examiner have agreed you should take the examination.

Once you have received a decision on seat at examination at Lnu, you/your administrator must fill in the form"Examination information to Linnaeus University".

You who are going to take an examination at Lnu must yourself make sure that you get information on in what room the examination is to take place. Fill in the information below and within a few days you will get an answer stating whether there is room for you to take an examination at Lnu. The information will be sent to the email address you have stated.
Examination sheets with incomplete information will not be accepted.