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New student services

You log in with your Linnaeus student account to access the new student services On the site you can among other things register for a course, register for an exam, see your study results or print a certificate of registration.

FAQ New student services

Why aren't the student services available?

Sometimes the system has to be shut down temporarily for updates, and occasionally unscheduled downtime can occur. Information about the system is continually updated on the student web.

Anonymous code in connection with system disruptions.
If you are going to have an examination and the Ladok student services aren't available you can get your anonymous code from the invigilator.

I can't see all of my credits?
The student services doesn't show credits from courses that have cancellations. The credits are visible on the certificate which you can retrieve under student services.

Do I have to ask staff to help re-register me for an examination?
If the re-exam is during the current semester, and the re-exam contains the current course to be examined, you should be able to register.
If it is not a current exam, or if the re-exam doesn't contain your course, you have to contact staff.

Do I have to log in to LADOK every time I want access to the system?
Yes, presently there is no SSO (Single Sign-On) login to Ladok.

I have uncompleted courses from autumn semester 2017?
Answer: Look under the headline "Uncompleted" to find courses from autumn semester 2017 which are not completed.

I cannot find my courses for spring semester 2018?
Answer: Your new courses for spring semester 2018 are under the headline "Upcoming courses".

Where do I sign up for my examination?
Answer: You sign up for your examination under each course. Under the headline "Current" you can see your courses. When it is time to sign up for the examination, you will be able to do so under each course.

I cannot find my completed courses?
Answer: Your completed courses are under the headline "Completed education" in the menu.

When I select I am directed to a different higher education institution?
Answer: Log out from that higher education institution and close your browser. Choose Linnaeus University from the scroll menu – log in.

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