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The European University for Well-being is a collaboration between Linnaeus University and ten other European universities. The aim is to shape the university of the future, where students and their learning is in focus. Among other things, the collaboration aims to make it easier for students to move around between different campuses and to study courses at the different universities, either on location or online.

Teaching on the common courses within EUniWell will be characterised by problem-solving and co-creation, where students, academics, and external parties work together in interdisciplinary groups to solve current societal problems.


The course EUniWell International Student Project: “design a social media campaign for Station Linné”

EUniWell Courses in Mobility Skills

EUniWell Mobility Skills (EMS) offers language, inter-comprehension [1] and intercultural communication courses to all EUniWell students to increase understanding for transculturality in practice. Participating in EMS courses at a basic level will initially be offered for all EUniWell exchange students, regardless of level of studies.

Please see each EUniWell University’s existing mobility skills offer here

As an incoming EUniwell student, preparing for an exchange or already studying abroad, you are asked to select EMS-courses as part of your study plan. EMS courses and modules are provided as on campus or online courses, and the EMS is managed collaboratively by the EUniWell universities.

The Mobility Skills course offering at Linnaeus University is presented below. The overall course offering for incoming exchange students, within all disciplines, is presented here:

[1] Intercomprehension is a form of communication in which each person speaks his or her own language and understands that of the other.