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International opportunities for doctoral students

As a doctoral student, you have plenty of opportunity to get international experience. You can, for instance, take courses, participate at conferences, gather data for your studies or be part of a research group abroad.

Take the opportunity to get experience and establish networks and contacts at international level when you are a doctoral student! International experience contributes to increased competitiveness on the global market and can open new doors and present you with new research opportunities.


  • Erasmus funds for staff training, within Europe
  • Via regular exchange agreements, either bilateral agreements (outside Europe) or Erasmus agreements (within Europe), 3 months; contact the international coordinator at your faculty

Thesis work


Conference participation with presentation

Funding from faculties

Some faculties also have their own funds for which you can apply. For more information, contact the international coordinator at your faculty.

Funding for your research

Grants and innovation office (GIO) is the university’s support for you who want to find funding for your research. GIO can help you find the right financier and to formulate a good application. We recommend that you join the group Grants and innovation office on Staff.

One tool that is used when searching for the right call for proposals is Research Professional, with which the university has an agreement.