Study abroad

Being a student at Linnaeus University, you have a great opportunity to go on an exchange. To go on an exchange means studying either one term or a full academic year at one of the many universities that Linnaeus University has exchange agreements with.

Exchange studies


Application round 2 with placements within Europe (and left over placements outside of Europe) for Autumn 2021 and Spring 2022 is closed. Next application round with Left-over seats outside and Within Europe for spring 2022 will open in Mid-April.

Do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment with us at the International Office, you can reach us at Outexchange@lnu.se.

We are looking forward to talking to you about what your study abroad options might be! 

Application rounds

There are three application rounds each academic year.

  1. Exchange seats outside Europe (October–November) for both autumn and spring the coming academic year.
  2. Exchange seats within Europe (January–February) for both autumn and spring the coming academic year.
  3. Left-over seats outside and within Europe (April-May) for spring the coming academic year.

What happens after I have applied?

When you have been offered an exchange placement

  • You are now nominated to an exchange placement.
  • If you accept your placement you will receive application instructions from us (International Office) or directly from your host institution.
  • One part of the practical preparation is to do this application to the host university.
  • We will invite you to a meeting where we will provide you with practical information to prepare your exchange.
  • Please note that it is the host institution who decides on your acceptance. Before they have taken the decision you are not guaranteed a placement. But, it is very unusual that the host institutions choose not to accept nominated students from Linnaeus University.
  • Also note that you must fulfill the credit requirement to get to go on your exchange.
  • Before your exchange semester you should participate in an intercultural workshop, i.e. "Getting Ready to Go". We will invite you to this mandatory event.


International Office vs. your school/faculty

International Office is a central department at the university. We are responsible for the practical preparations for your exchange.

Your school/faculty is responsible for any academic issues, for example about courses and credit transfers.

For those who are on an exchange programme right now

At arrival:

  • If your Learning Agreement is not signed, please ask the International Office at your host institution to sign this document.
  • If your original study plan changes, you must contact us or the academic person who signed the Learning Agreement to find out if the changes are accepted and if the new courses can be transferred to Linnaeus University.

During the exchange

  • Be a good ambassador for Linnaeus University and for Sweden!
  • If you need information material about Linnaeus University please contact us at outexchange@lnu.se.
  • We encourage you to stay in contact with us at International Office through outexchange@lnu.se.
  • If you want to prolong your exchange period this is only possible for student who go abroad during autumn semester. Please send us an email to outexchange@lnu.se and we will find out if it is possible.

Before departure from host institution

  • If possible, ask for your Official Transcript of Records already before you leave your host institution. If this document is not finalized it will be sent to either you or to Linnaeus University. You will have to submit a copy of this transcript in order to transfer the credits to your education programme at Linnaeus University.
  • Ask your host institution to sign your certificate of departure.

Coming home

Credit transfer

When returning home it is your responsibility to apply for transferring your credits from your exchange studies. This application is done to your faculty. You will need to submit a copy of your transcript from your exchange studies. The application procedure varies between the faculties so please contact your program manager for more information.

If you did not get your transcript with you when leaving your host institution, it will be sent either directly to you or to us at International Office. If we receive them we will contact you.

Evaluation and travel report

Students on an Erasmus scholarship must submit a travel report and fill in an evaluation after completing the exchange programme. You will be contacted by International Office and receive more information about what is expected of you.

Check-in Europe

This is an initiative for former Erasmus students, to demonstrate there is a bold and dynamic Erasmus community ready and able to face the challenges that Europe is experiencing. Read more and check-in here: www.garagerasmus.org.

Become a mentor

Do you want to become a buddy to one or several of the exchange students at Linnaeus University? This will be a perfect way to maintain your newly-acquired language skills and a chance to continue your exchange, only now on home ground and through the eyes of an international student. Please contact the Linnaeus Union (Linnékåren) or register directly at  https://buddyprogram.lnu.se/#/

Help us inform others about exchange programmes

If you want to be an ambassador for your host institution, host country and international exchange, please contact us at International Office at outexchange@lnu.se.

International Office

International Office consists of international coordinators who work with incoming and outgoing exchange students. We help students who want to study abroad through one of Linnaeus University's exchange agreements.

Please contact us to book an appointment or visit our website for information about opening hours in our Student Lounge

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