Career day

Career Center

To establish contacts with the workplace during the time you study , gives you valuable experience and networks that will benefit you in the future. During the academic year the university organizes various activities where you can meet representatives of working life that could be interesting for you.


There are lots of different career and job related activities occurring throughout the year. Some of them are:

  • Career days
  • Workplace visits
  • Guest lectures
  • Entrepreneur Days
  • Internship


Career portal

Create an account on MyCareer to help you find:

  • Contacts for degree projects
  • Internships
  • Work 

Career counselling service - Lnu Career

Do you need help starting up your job search process? The career counselling service at Linnaeus University, Lnu Career, will offer you support when you try to figure out how your education, your experience, and your personal qualifications are best summarised into a powerful job application.

LNU Career organises various lectures, workshops and CV review and CV lecture events.

Examples of such activities are:

  • Career Course
  • Going to the interview – lecture
  • Interview training 
  • Your personal brand

More information on Career counseling service page.

The mentor programme

The mentor programme is an opportunity for you to prepare for your professional life and create personal development. When admitted to the programme you'll be paired up with a mentor who matches your subject of interest and you'll be meeting six times from October to April. For more information and application, click here.