Alumni network

Linnaeus University's alumni network Lnu Alumni is for you who have finished your studies, or is about to finish your studies, at Linnaeus University or at the former Kalmar University or Växjö University. The alumni network is for you who wants to stay in touch with your fellow students and get information about the further development of Linnaeus University. If you are already a member of the alumni network you will, of course, stay a member but in the future you will also be a part of Linnaeus University's alumni network.

By becoming a member of the alumni network at Linnaeus University (Lnu Alumni) you become a member of a network that is both a social and a professional asset. You can get in touch with fellow course mates with whom you have lost contact, find new professional contacts, and stay updated about what is going on at Linnaeus University. You can add other alumni in the network as contacts to get information automatically when they update their profiles – if they, for instance, move or change jobs.

The alumni network is also important for us at Linnaeus University. Your experiences from your time as a student and from working life are interesting for both students and members of staff to take part of. Some of our alumni come back as guest lecturers or mentors for our present students. Others welcome students to their workplace on study visits or in connection to degree projects. Your views are also very valuable in the development work of the programme you studied.

Last but not least – joining the alumni network is free of charge!

Lnu Alumni is for you who:

  • want to have a wide circle of contacts in your professional life from the start.
  • want to stay in touch with your fellow students.
  • want to stay updated about what is going at Linnaeus University.
  • want to get information about job opportunities and other unique offers.

Did you know that...

The word alumnus comes from the Latin alumnus, meaning disciple or protégé. The origin of the word is the Latin alere, meaning rear, raise, nurture. There is evidence of the word occurring in the Swedish language at least since 1835. Nowadays, alumnus is the conventional term for former students.

What is an alumnus?


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