The Career Portal – for internships, jobs, and more

If you’re a student, a doctoral student, or an alumnus, the Career Portal helps you find internships, openings for degree projects, post-graduation jobs, and more. It also provides useful tips for your future career.

If you’re an employer, the Career Portal allows you to showcase your organisation and publish job ads for free.

The Career Portal is part of the collaborative efforts between the university and the surrounding community and is one of the steps towards strengthening the supply of skills in the region.

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For students

No matter where you are in your studies, the Career Portal will offer a range of career options for you. On top of this, you get the chance to attend virtual career fairs and get in touch with employers.

For employers

Our Career Portal provides an easy way of getting in touch with our talented and knowledgeable students and alumni and makes it easy for you as a business/organisation to promote your brand as an employer.