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Entrepreneurship opportunities

We want to stimulate students to engage in entrepreneurship and business enterprise as an alternative career path.

Entrepreneurship is a natural part of studying at Linnaeus University. We offer degree programmes on entrepreneurship as well as a large number of courses, and many other programmes also contain elements of entrepreneurship. The innovation environment at each higher education institution also comprises Incubators and Science parks.

At Linnaeus University, entrepreneurship is also about researchers and teachers having knowledge and an understanding of what utilisation of research can mean, and about offering support if you have ideas that you would like to develop outside the academy.

This work is carried out through a whole range of activities, for instance, seminars, workshops, coaching, counselling, support with applications, and skills and networking support. We have close collaborations with many actors on local, regional and national level.


Drivhuset helps students start and run businesses. We offer cost-free guidance, training and inspiration, everything to make it as easy as possible for you to start up your business.

Drivhuset functions as a platform for you who want to develop a business idea or your personal entrepreneurial drive, which is important both as an entrepreneur and an employee.

Drivhuset is also part of Linnaeus University's venture to truly become The entrepreneurial university, the common goal being to encourage more students to invest in their ideas. Focus is on you as an entrepreneur and what you need in order to be able to take your idea further.

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