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Lnu Innovation for students

Developing your ideas and entrepreneurial skills is an excellent way to prepare yourself for future challenges, regardless of what your future workplace will be. Development and improvements are needed everywhere in society, and at Lnu Innovation we provide you with the tools for this – be a change maker!

Individual counselling

At Lnu Innovation, students can get help taking their ideas to the next stage. You can book individual counselling where we discuss your idea confidentially and without preconditions, giving you tools and tips on how to proceed with it. You don't need any prior knowledge or a finished idea to book a consultation appointment with us.

If your idea has a commercial purpose, we can help you convert the idea into a business plan and support you in the process of starting your own business. We can also assist you in getting in touch with our local incubators or apply for verification funds for an innovation. Our network spans the entire Linnaeus region, and you can turn to us with most questions relating to idea development, entrepreneurship, innovation, and business.

You can book a counselling session either digitally or on campus. To book a session, you are welcome to contact our student advisors.

Address Kalmar: House Stella
Phone: +46480-44 60 18

Address Växjö: Universitetsplatsen 1, Linnaeus University
Phone: +46470-70 80 40.


We offer workshops and lectures where participants gain relevant knowledge and the opportunity to work practically with tools in idea generation, idea design, entrepreneurial processes, and the development of products and services.

Meet us

Our student advisors are available on campus in both Kalmar and Växjö. Feel free to drop by our rooms to say hello, have a cup of coffee, ask questions, and discuss ideas!

You can also find current information about our activities on our Instagram account @lnu_innovation