The mentor programme

Through our mentor programme, we want to support our students by contributing to their personal development, as a form of extra preparation for their professional lives. Mentors and students get the opportunity to meet to take part of each other’s experiences.

The mentor programme – a chance for development

Through the mentor programme, both students and active professionals get the opportunity to develop, establish new contacts and create new experiences.

As a student, it is an opportunity for you to get a mentor to strengthen your personal conditions for your future working life and career.

As an active professional, it is an opportunity for you to contribute to a student’s development journey while at the same time taking part of interesting perspectives and new networks.

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The programme starts in September 2022 and runs until April 2023. In July or August, you will be informed whether you have been admitted to the programme.

In September, the programme starts with a start-up meeting for all mentors and students. The programme then continues through autumn and spring. During this period, the mentor pairs will meet once a month.

In April, the programme is concluded with a get-together for all mentors and students.

Pictures from a previous kick-off for the Mentor program