Student reading on a computer


There are many different forms of distance education, but the common denominator is that much of your studies take place on the web.

You communicate with the teacher and your fellow students using a digital learning platform with a discussion forum, group projects, recorded lectures and online meetings using a web camera.

Web-based courses and programmes are offered via the web, either entirely without any physical gatherings or with just a limited number of such gatherings. The advantage with this is the flexibility, which is valuable for students who want to have great freedom to decide when and where to study. Important to keep in mind is that some compulsory elements of your education may take place during office hours even if they can be carried out at a distance.

Programmes and courses that are offered as distance education can differ a lot from each other in their form. If you have any questions regarding how physical gatherings or other compulsory course elements are planned, you are always welcome to contact the course or programme coordinator. Contact details for this person can be found on the course or programme page here on