Student lounge

Service and support

At Linnaeus University, there are a number of services and aids to help you with your studies. Here you can learn more about what we offer, what your rights are as a student and how to contact us.

Info center

As a student, you are always welcome to info center where you can get help with general information and service, directions and information on who to contact in the organisation.

Technical support

IT support helps you with questions concerning the technical aids we offer you as a student. On our IT support page you will find a list of what services are available and solutions to any problems. Information on stoppages will also be listed.

Student services

As a student at Linnaeus University you use a number of different technical services. You will have to use some services to access information about your studies and other services can be useful as support in your studies. Below you will find a list of all technical services that are available to you as a student. If you need any assistance, please contact IT support or visit our service portal.

The student web

The student web is your personal page as a student. It is where you find important, personal information that gives you the full picture of your studies. On the student web, you will find your personal timetable, course rooms, news, and calendar. There are also direct links to registration for course and examination, as well as your results from completed courses.
You reach the student web via In order to log in you must have a student account.

Learning platform MyMoodle

MyMoodle is the learning platform where students and teachers meet. During the course of your studies, this is where you will find information and the tools you need to communicate and collaborate with course participants and teachers.
In order to access all the material in the course room in MyMoodle you must:

  • Have a student account
  • Register on the course to which you have been admitted. You do this via the student web.

You will then automatically be added to the course to which you have been admitted, but you have to register on the course in order for all information and tools to be available.


Ladok is a study administrative tool that is used to document your studies. This is where you register, request certificates and take part of your study results.
You will be reminded via the student web about events that take place in Ladok. When it is time to register for a course or examination this will be shown, together with a link to Ladok. This is also the case when a study result for the course has been published. You can access Ladok at

The timetable system TimeEdit

All scheduling of lectures, examinations, and group study rooms is done in TimeEdit. As a student you can see your personal timetable in TimeEdit. This is also where you book group study rooms and study places at the university.
On the student web you will find a short version of your timetable and a link to the full timetable. If you cannot see your timetable after logging in you can perform a search for it via the timetable link. You can access TimeEdit directly through this link.

Examination system

After registering for an examination via Ladok you need information on where and when the examination will take place. You find this information in our examination system via this link.

Borrowing at the University Library

Linnaeus University students have access to both digital and printed resources such as course literature and other books, databases and encyclopedias. These resources are reached through the library website where you log in with your Lnu account. In order to borrow at the library you need to apply for a library account.