Student at a computer

IT security at Linnaeus University

The IT security work is carried out in close collaboration with the university’s information security work. Somewhat simplified, one can say that IT security constitutes a sub-area of the work with information security. Our work with IT security focuses on technical solutions and making sure that we reach the desired level of information security with the support these.

The ambition for the work with IT security at Linnaeus University is to maintain desired confidentiality, correctness and accessibility of the university’s information assets. Information assets include both the information itself and the resources used to handle the information. Thus, information security and IT security is not only about securing information systems. Also, other resources, not least the capability and knowledge of individuals, are important components of the concepts information and IT security.

In our information society where greater quantities of information than ever are being processed, stored, communicated and multiplied, more is required from the end user. At individual level, this often means that working life and private life blends together.

We work proactively to support the users in their work practice. This work ranges from mediating a sound security culture to the users to maintaining a good security level in our IT systems.

The work at the university is based on the standards and ordinances that apply for Swedish authorities, among others, ISO27000 Ledningssystem för informationssäkerhet (LIS) and MSBFS 2016:1 föreskrifter och allmänna råd om statliga myndigheters informationssäkerhet.