Headphones attached to some books

Reading disability

If you have challenges in reading due to a disability, you can access Legimus talking books through the University Library. This enables you to listen to your course books.

Who can borrow talking books

Not everyone qualifies for a Legimus account; it is reserved for individuals with disabilities that hinder reading printed text.

How to get access to Talking Books

To gain access to talking books, we'll schedule a meeting with you to evaluate if you meet MTM's account criteria. If you already have an account, you can contact us and we will transfer it to Linnaeus University Library.

Unable to find Your Course Book as a Talking Book?

If you cannot find a required course book in Legimus, you can request a production of it. Should you encounter any difficulties with the order form, please email the University Library's talking book support.

If you're working on a thesis and require book production, please send us an email with approval from the course coordinator, along with confirmation that the entire book will be utilized.

Appwriter - Support Software 

Appwriter is a text-to-speech program that allows you to have web pages or PDF files read aloud. It is available for download to all students.

Accessible Study Spaces in the Library

In the library you will find for example; quiet study rooms, bookable group study rooms and individual study spaces. Some of these spaces feature height-adjustable desks.

All computers are equipped with support software. Headsets are available for borrowing at the information desk and at the Infocenter in Stella.