Student Welfare Office

We work to promote physical and mental health for our students. We offer free individual counselling to aid you with any problem that may make your studying or student life difficult.


The Student Welfare Office has limited opening hours during July. We can offer appointments, mainly by phone or zoom, from the 28th of July. To get in contact with us use studenthalsan@lnu.se 

The coronavirus and Covid-19. The vice-chancellor has decided to take special measures to switch over to web-based forms for all teaching and examination, in accordance with the recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden. The decision applies as from Wednesday 18 March. For general questions about coronavirus please call 113 13 in Sweden. If you have symtoms call 1177 for medical guidance round the clock. If you feel anxious or worried, the Student Welfare Office is available for support by phone. Read more about the corona virus at the Public Health Agency of Sweden. For information about the coronavirus and student life read more here

About the Student Welfare Office

Common problems students seek for are anxiety, stress, sleeping difficulties, crisis, relationship problems, difficulties in concentrating or completing assignments, loss of energy, homesickness or difficulties in adjusting to life in Sweden. Talking to us a few times is sometimes enough but in some cases you can make up to a total of five appointments to see us. Appointments with us are free of charge and we treat all matters confidentially. In Kalmar you find the Student Welfare Office in building Falken, Nygatan 18. In Växjö you find us in the main building, house H.

Remember always to book an appointment before you visit us. We do not provide emergency services. To book an appointment please send us an email with your name and telephone number or give us a call. For an appointment in Växjö please use studenthalsan@lnu.se For an appointment in Kalmar use the direct addresses to the counsellors/welfare officers.

Please observe that the Student Welfare Office does not provide health care services or prescribe any medication. There are no doctors at the SWO. Contact the Student Welfare Office in Kalmar or Växjö depending on where you are studying.

The Student Welfare Office offer Life style tests on internet. Find out more about your life style regarding stress, alcohol, sleeping habits, exercise and more. You get personal feedback, but remain anonymous.



Yoga in Kalmar

Yoga for free together with the Student Welfare Office in Kalmar. You find the yogastudio in the basement at Falken, Nygatan 18, Kalmar.

Course in Hathayoga flow in Kalmar starts Wednesday 29 of Januaryat 15:30-16:30 pm (12 weeks). Suits both beginners and intermediate practitioners. Spaces are limited, sign up by emailing gunilla.carrington@lnu.se . Free of charge, only for students.

Course in Yinyoga, starts Friday 31 of January at 08:15 - 09:15 am. Yinyoga is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, mindfulness meditation and Hathayoga. It's a passive form of stretch where we hold a pose for 3-6 minutes and try to relax as much as possible. The target area is fascia, joints and ligaments, not the muscles. Sign up by emailing gunilla.carrington@lnu.se .

Yoga suits you who is suffering from stressrelated issues, physically and/or mentally or you, who is just curious and want to find out more about yoga and meditation. You are so welcome to join and give yourself and your body some time and space. For questions or more information contact: gunilla.carrington@lnu.se or dial + 46 480-44 64 85.

7am bootcamp in Kalmar

7 am is a project for you who wants to cease the day, increase your energy level and shape up. We´ll meet at Falken 7 o´clock every Tuesday and Thursday morning during five weeks. From Falken we jog to a place nearby where we´ll do a high intensive intervall training together. We finish the workout at Falken with some relaxation indoors. We do the workout outdoors no matter the weather.

The project starts Tuesday 31.03.20 at 7-8 o´clock. To participate, you must be able to take part every time. Send an email to gunilla.carrington@lnu.se to sign up. The project is free of charge. Last day to apply for the project is Thursday 26 of March. You´re so welcome to join!

Relax your mind - Lunch retreat with the Student Welfare Office every Wednesday in Växjö

On January 15 we start Relax your mind/Vila huvudet for this semester. We offer you 30 minutes of mindfulness meditation. To let your shoulders down, relaxing your mind. As usual we start at 12.30.  We are often an international group and when it is called for we breathe in English :).
We meet in Room for stillness in house H. To make sure you find your way ask at the information desk in house H.

You come as you are, with what is. You do not have to have any prior knowledge of mindfulness or meditation. You just show up! WELCOME!

If you have any questions, contact Annika.axelsson@lnu.se

Mindfulness course in Växjö

Mindfulness is all about awareness. About both body and mind. About how your body, your senses work and how you think and feel. The course will show you both techniques and attitudes that helps you to be more aware and more present in your life. So you can go less on autopilot. Be more here and now and less stressed and more focused. And hopefully more understanding towards yourself.  
We start October 22 and meet four Tuesday afternoons between 16.30 and 18.00. If you are interested, let me know! Annika.axelsson@lnu.se
There is limited access so don´t wait to long! We meet in the Lounge in house H. We will be mindful in English, to give all our students the possibility to follow the course.

Welcome to The Student Welfare Science of happiness workshop  We meet and explore our happiness potential. 


The workshop is not rocket science but, the Science of Happiness. New research from the area of positive psychology looking into the How of happiness. Happiness as a SKILL. Something we can learn. And it is not about being perky and sugarcoding life, it is being in life as it is and in what we KNOW make us happier. What we can do. We hope to be an international group, including Swedish students! so we will discuss and try out happiness in English. 

We will draw from:

  • The science of Happiness."Science based principles and practices for a happier, more meaningful life". US Berkely´s Greater Good Science center
  • Existential and humanistic theories regarding what it is to be a human being
  • Buddhist philosophy and psychology. Mindfulness.

Treat yourself with this antidote to stress! Join in by sending me an email, Annika.axelsson@lnu.se.


Important information

For medical advisory services always call 1177 any time of day or night. Choose the alternative "Press 5 for an English version".

In emergency situations, dial 112.
For emergency contact with psychiatric services:
Adult psychiatric clinic, Kalmar for cases of emergency and / or advice provision 0480-81770
Adult psychiatric clinic, Växjö 0470-58 61 00

For health care provision (consultations with a doctor or nurse etc) please contact your local health care center. For further assistance, you can look through the international information provided on these pages:
Kalmar www.ltkalmar.se
Växjö www.regionkronoberg.se

In Växjö you find The Campus health care clinic that is open for all students at Linnaeus University and situated close to campus. Phone number 0470-58 67 70. Open consulting hours Monday-Friday from 10 a.m to 11 a.m.

Costs differ depending on what country you come from and what kind of insurance cover you have. You may be eligible for subsidised health care in some cases. In order to receive subsidised health care it is sufficient to be registered as a resident in Sweden or to have an EHIC-card from your home country, i.e. a card acknowledging the fact that you are insured in an EU/EEA country or in Switzerland. For further information about costs please contact your local health care centre.

Contraceptives and sexual issues

For questions about contraceptives, pregnancy, venereal disease, sexual matters and relationships / cohabitation, please contact the health centre where you live for more information.

If you live on Campus in Växjö you can contact the midwife clinic at the Teleborg Health care centre, Vallviksvägen 1. They have open consultation hours on Mondays between 1pm – 5pm.
Phone: 0470 – 58 67 74 (8am – 9am, 1 – 2 pm)
If you live in Kalmar you contact the midvives at Barnmorskemottagningen.
Phone: 0480-817 89

Free condoms
The Student Welfare Office distributes condoms for free.

Self care

If you need information about self-care in cases of illness you should firstly visit your home country's healthcare pages on the Internet written in your own language. You can also find a lot of information at the NHS from UK.

Dental Care in Sweden for Foreign Students

Different sets of rules apply regarding dental and health care. A person may be eligible for subsidised health care though not to subsidised dental care. As different sets of rules apply regarding dental care and health care, the Swedish Social Insurance Office (in Swedish Försäkringskassan) provides the following advice:

Before you consider obtaining any dental care please contact the Social Insurance Office for information about your eligibility to receive subsidised dental care. More information can be found by visiting www.forsakringskassan.se. If you have any questions concerning dental care and current charges, please call the client centre at 0771-524 524