Student Welfare Office

We work for and with students and PhD students at Linnaeus University, with the goal of increasing well-being. We believe in early interventions, high availability, and a low threshold for getting help from us. You find us in both Kalmar and Växjö.
During summer there is limited access to the Student Welfare Office, we have closed July 25. -August 4.

Contact and find Student Welfare Office

Student welfare office is available both in Kalmar and in Växjö.
In Kalmar you will find us on the sixth floor of house Culmen, Universitetskajen.
In Växjö we are in the main building, house H.

To get in touch with Studenthälsan in Kalmar, call or email the staff there.
To get in touch with Studenthälsan in Växjö, email studenthalsan@lnu.se or call the person you are looking for.