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If you are ill and need care, you should contact your health centre. We do not have any medical staff at the Student Welfare Office.

Important information

For medical advisory services always call 1177 any time of day or night, or call +46 771-11 77 00 if you call from abroad or from an international number. Choose the alternative "Press 5 for an English version". The website 1177.se provides information about medical issues, on self-care, local health services and more in Swedish. Parts of the website is available in other languages.

In emergency situations, dial 112.
For emergency contact with psychiatric services:
Adult psychiatric clinic, Kalmar for cases of emergency and / or advice provision 0480-81770, from international number +46 48081770
Adult psychiatric clinic, Växjö 0470-58 61 00, from international number +46 470586100

For health care provision (consultations with a doctor or nurse etc.) please contact your local health care center. For further assistance, you can look through the international information provided on these pages:
Kalmar www.regionkalmar.se
Växjö www.regionkronoberg.se

In Växjö you find Vårdcentralen Teleborg close to campus. Phone number 0470-58 67 70, or +46 470586770 from an international number. Wait for the speaker voice to say “For information in English press 8”. This takes a about 1.2 minutes into the call. Follow the instructions and hold to talk to a nurse and make an appointment. You have to make an appointment for all matters.

In Kalmar Linnaeus University has arranged with Region Kalmar that international students may turn to Stensö hälsocentral (phone +46 48081850) and Kvarnholmens hälsocentral, (phone +46 48081960) Should these two clinics both be fully booked you will be referred to the medical clinic of the week. 

Costs differ depending on what country you come from and what kind of insurance cover you have. You may be eligible for subsidised health care in some cases. In order to receive subsidised health care it is sufficient to be registered as a resident in Sweden or to have an EHIC-card from your home country, i.e. a card acknowledging the fact that you are insured in an EU/EEA country or in Switzerland. For further information about costs please contact your local health care centre.

Contraceptives and sexual issues

For questions about contraceptives, pregnancy, venereal disease, sexual matters and relationships / cohabitation, please contact the health centre where you live for more information.

If you live on Campus in Växjö you can contact the midwife clinic at the Teleborg Health care centre (Vårdcentralen Teleborg), Vallviksvägen 1. They have open consultation hours on Mondays between 1pm – 5pm.
Phone: 0470 – 58 76 65
If you live in Kalmar you contact the midwives at Barnmorskemottagningen.
Phone: 0480-817 89

Self care

If you need information about self-care in cases of illness you should firstly visit your home country's healthcare pages on the Internet written in your own language. You can also find a lot of information at the NHS from UK.

Dental Care in Sweden for Foreign Students

Different sets of rules apply regarding dental and health care. A person may be eligible for subsidised health care though not to subsidised dental care. As different sets of rules apply regarding dental care and health care, the Swedish Social Insurance Office (in Swedish Försäkringskassan) provides the following advice:

Before you consider obtaining any dental care please contact the Social Insurance Office for information about your eligibility to receive subsidised dental care. More information can be found by visiting www.forsakringskassan.se. If you have any questions concerning dental care and current charges, please call the client centre at 0771-524 524