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Support software

Linnaeus University offers all students as well as staff members to freely download and use a number of support programs. These can, for example, include synthetic speech software that can help you read any type of text. There is also software that can assist you with spelling and grammar check.

In addition to those mentioned below, as a student you can get some extra support. You can find more information and tips at FAQ - Support software.


(Windows/macOS/Chromebook etc.)

AppWriter is a text-to-speech program with support for most platforms. It also offers word prediction as you write, dictionary and OCR (to access texts that cannot be selected in the usual manner).

To download the program, just log into with the alternative Google that you can see further down the page. There you write your student mail address Yoh can find guides below under the heading More information.

For Windows and macOS users we recommend downloading the program so that it can then read all text on your computer.

Office 365

Office 365 includes spelling support, some grammar support, tools to facilitate reading, speech to text, and synonyms that can be helpful when studying.

Instructions for obtaining Office 365.