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Projekt: Peer feedback and peer assessment of the group process in higher education group work

Detta projekt implementerar en innovativ utformning av grupparbete inom högre utbildning som möjliggör så kallat peer feedback och peer assessment. Genom att analysera studenternas respons kan projektet dra slutsatser utifrån deras erfarenheter av inlärning via grupparbete.

Fakta om projektet

Heiko Fritz
1 jan 2017–31 dec 2023
Freds- och utvecklingsstudier (Institutionen för samhällsstudier, Fakulteten för samhällsvetenskap)

Mer om projektet

Group work is widely used in contemporary higher education to enhance the learning experience of students; improve the learning outcome; build skills needed in the labour market; and economise on the use of resources in teaching. However, the design of courses that involve group work often seem to suffer an inadequate match of learning outcomes, pedagogical approaches, feedback and methods of assessment. It is particularly startling that formative assessment, generally believed to support the learning process of students, is hardly ever implemented in relation to the group process.

The aim of this project is

  1. to pilot a course design that implements continuous formative peer feedback and peer assessment of individual students' contribution to the group process in group work;
  2. to evaluate the reliability of peer assessment as a method to assess the quality an individual students' contribution to the group process; and
  3. to analyse the students' perception of the feedback and assessment method.

To this end two modules of the Bachelor program in Peace and Development Studies are adapted to incorporate peer assessment and feedback referring to the group process. A mixed methods research designs is implemented comprising quantitative methods for the analysis of peer assessment and of students' evaluations of peer feedback as well as qualitative methods to substantiate the causal link between different elements of the group work design and the learning process of students. The project draws conclusion on the method used to implement and deliver group work in higher education.