Lokal innovation

22,5 hp

The master course LOCAL INNOVATION is part of the master’s program in ‘Innovation through Business, Engineering and Design’ and provides students with an understanding of how multidisciplinary knowledge supported by theoretical insight and emerging technologies can bridge with the social needs and values of our societies to provide the best possible local and global futures. Students engage with local and international companies to train in the innovation process in multidisciplinary teams and work in an environment of collaborative creativity.
This unique learning model empowers program participants with the right skills and methods to apply business, engineering and design-led perspectives to complex societal issues by a co-creative approach and guides them to further evaluate innovative products and services for a sustainable world.
Complimentary to the core academic studies, students engage with IKEA, the program’s main industrial partner. IKEA contributes with Democratic Design principles, latest methods and tools as well as workshops and tutoring to train product development processes in real time, thus giving the students a hands-on opportunity to corporate projects and providing them the opportunity to implement knowledge and practices in a multidisciplinary team to create a better everyday life for the many people.

The uniqueness of this course is that it has students from three different faculties - Business, Engineering and Design and brings together a diversity of competences, backgrounds and experiences to enable the innovation process in all its complexity to address the challenges that humankind is facing regarding environmental and social issues. Eventually, the course deepens students’ understanding not only on knowledge and skills that influence the innovation process but also trains them in the professional way of working in a multidisciplinary context.


Ungefär femton minuter med cykel från centrum ligger Linnéuniversitetets campus. Det är som ett eget litet samhälle med universitetet, studentbostäder och studentliv. Här blir du en del av en kreativ kunskapsmiljö.

Vad hittar du på upptäcktsfärd i Växjö – kontrasternas stad? Här finns bra restauranger, ett vinnande hockeylag och mysiga caféer där du kan få latten smaksatt med lingon. I Växjö är vacker natur alltid nära, staden omges av både sjö och skog. Studenter tycker om kombinationen av stadskärnan i Växjö och det aktiva studentlivet på campus. Här börjar drömmen om framtiden!

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