Forskningsrapporter / Research reports

Fakultetsstyrelsen har beslutat att en rapport ska begäras in från samtliga forskare. Rapporterna ska vara underlag för fördelning av fakultetens forskningsmedel för 2021. För instruktioner och mallar, klicka på filerna nedan.

Rapporten lämnas in elektronisk via en personlig länk. Länken distribueras via e-post under april månad till samtliga forskare. Om du inte erhållit e-post med en personlig länk den 15 april vänligen kontakta fakultetskansliet via
Rapporten ska lämnas in senast 1 juni 2020, kl. 13.00.
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The Faculty Board has decided that all researchers submit a report. These reports will be used as part of the basis for allocating faculty research funding for 2021. For instructions and templates see links below.

The report should be submitted electronically via a personal link. This link will be distributed via e-mail in April to all researchers. If you have not received a personal link by 15 April please contact the faculty office on
The report should be submitted no later than 1 pm, 1 June 2020.
Please send any questions to:

Please note that the instructions in English have been modified 2020-05-20 to rectify two mistakes in dates:

On page 5 under Appendix 1 - Proposed research activity the text should read: 

a) At most two pages, including any figures and references, describing the general goals of the research, background, current status and a detailed description of planned activities for the coming year (2021). (NOT 2020)

On page 10 under Appendix 5 - Publications it should say "A complete list of publications for the period 2015-01-01 – today should be attached", rather than 2014-01-01 - today.